Highlights from the Evidence for Christianity conference!

I recently had the privilege to attend the 2010 Apologetics Conference in Irvine, CA. Hosted once again by Evidence For Christianity, this was a fantastic time of being updated with cutting edge information in the land of Christian apologetics. There were too many classes, so I was unable to attend them all. It was an honor to learn from and converse with some of the most brilliant minds in the world of Christian Evidences.

Not only were these instructors well informed, it became clear that these are highly educated men. Secondly, it was refreshing to see the sincerity and honesty with which the evidence has been approached. Rather than dogmatically trying to make the scientific evidence fit their religious opinions, these men are clearly wrestling with their perspectives in order to best harmonize scientific evidence with the scriptures.

Here are a few of my highlights:

  1. John Clayton’s class “Why did God create man” was as moving as it was informative. John helped clarify Genesis 1, yet touched my heart by sharing about the suffering he has personally faced. Rather than trying to summarize his class, let me simply point you to his site and his free downloadable mp3′s and videos. I originally heard John lecture back in 1983 at the University of Colorado. It was refreshing to hear a man share non-judgementally about how the evidence for Christ compelled him to convert from a hard-line atheist to a devoted Christian.
  2. Bob Kurka’s class on reconciling Science and the Bible. In short, Christianity has been the culture which has encouraged scientific research more than any other culture or worldview. In fact, Christians were some of Darwin’s greatest supporters – in his lifetime. Revisionist historians, such as Andrew Dickson White’s A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology (1896), have placed Christianity at odds with Science and the church at odds with men like Columbus and Magellen. In fact, Galileo and Copernicus were not persecuted for their science but rather for their protestant stance against the Catholic church. Bob also encourages all Christians to refuse to accept the false equation that “evolution=atheism”.
  3. I was able to spend time with one of my mentors over the last 25 years, Douglas Jacoby. He has again and again shared with me how his faith has grown and deepened through his honest pursuit of spiritual answers. If you’re not using Doug as a resource, you are missing out! I am reading his latest book, Compelling Evidence, and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for thoughtful answers to sincere questions.
  4. Fellowship with an long-time, dear friend, Foster Stanback. Foster and I had a wonderful time reaching out to people together at Nichol’s Hall at CU back in 1984. And it is encouraging to see how “Doctor Doctrine” (his nickname back in college) has developed this fantastic apologetics ministry!
  5. Finally, it was an honor to meet Dr. Denis Lamoureux, one of few men who has a PHD in Biology as well as a PHD in Theology. His concern is to prevent young people from leaving the Lord after their introduction to biology at the university level. His lectures are not for the faint of heart. But spending time with him help explode my perspective of God. My God IS too small, and I need to stand back and be amazed at our incredible Creator.
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